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Charles Maryan

New York City Playwrights' Coach

Develop Your Play With a Director

 Offering one-on-one consultation to help you develop your play the way you want it to be

"Chuck was an important mentor and influence in my career.  His challenging but nurturing style encouraged me to find my own voice.  I learned so much from his feedback about structure, character, what works and what doesn't, but the most important lesson I took away from the experience was becoming the very best I could be.  He did not teach me to be a playwright as if that is a singular thing, he taught me to be Kelly Masterson as a playwright."  

                                - Kelly Masterson, Screenwriter Before the Devil Knows You're Dead 

With more than 30 years of experience as an Off-Broadway, regional theatre and contemporary opera director, as well as heading New York's venerable Charles Maryan's Playwrights/Directors Workshop*, Charles Maryan is now offering one-on-one, intensive coaching and play development for individual playwrights.

Working collaboratively and tailored to your individual needs, he will read, evaluate and discuss your play with you, giving you notes and suggestions on matters such as structure, unity of action, character development and special attention to the event of the play--so the ideas of the play can be realized dramatically and effectively.

Opportunities are available either for work on a single draft, or continuing development longer term, on subsequent drafts, toward a result ready to be submitted to theaters for production consideration.


On contacting us by email, a playwright can make an appointment for a complimentary phone consultation with Charles Maryan.  If it is mutually agreed upon to work together, we design a tailored program to proceed.  In general, a playwright will send the script, and will receive an evaluation of the play, with notes and suggestions, and a discussion by phone, Skype or if in New York City, by in-person appointment.  The turnaround time is two weeks.  The fee is $250.

Should the work continue, a rewrite of the same play can receive a fresh evaluation, notes and discussion.  The fee is $200, and the turnaround is also two weeks.

It is also possible to arrange a longterm program, which enables consulting to continue for a period of six months, during which time unlimited drafts of the same play can be submitted and evaluated, with notes and discussions.  The longterm program fee is $1,000.

* For any information or questions about the Playwright/Directors Workshop please contact me at my email on the 'Contact' page.