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"I was a member of Chuck Maryan's Playwrighting Workshop for several years and the experience was invaluable to me as a writer and for the formation of my work ethic as a professional writer.  The workshop forced me to write every day because I needed to make progress for every weekly meeting.  I still write every day.  Chuck was an important mentor and influence inmy career.  His challenging but nurturing style encourarged me to find my own voice.  He provided a safe environment for experimentation -- such an important thing for a young writer.  I learned so much from his feedback about structure, character, what works and what doesn't, but the most important lesson I took away from the experience was becoming the very best I could be.  He did not teach me to be a playwright as if that is a singular thing, he taught me to be Kelly Masterson as a playwright.  There is no doubt that he provided for me that foundation for any success I had since."


                                                                      -Kelly Materson, Screenwriter
                                                                        Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (2007)

"I have known Charles Maryan for many years.  I have watched him shape, guide, and focus a playwright's vision over and over again.  He is a remarkable teacher for playwrights - eloquent and knowing."
                                                                      -Patricia Bosworth, Director of the:
                                                                        Actors Studio - Playwright/Directors Unit

"Over many years, I've worked with Charles Maryan on a variety of plays, both short and long, some of which he has gone on to shape even further in workshop presentations.  What a playwright needs, most of all, is criticism which is not simply constructive, but prodding, obliging the writer to step back and take a fresh look at his or her work.  This Charles has never failed to do, and because of him my work has always emerged better, stronger, and more satisfying."                                                                                                                      

                                                                      -George Malko, Playwright, Screenwriter

"Chuck Maryan is likely the single person who has had the greatest effect on my career as a playwright.  For nearly 20 years, he has read, listened to and critiqued most everything I've written.  He's read or listened to some plays of mine a dozen times and has a fantastic sense of when it needs one more pass or it's ready to be sent out.  Chuck has a gift for gently peeling away all that's not essential, and getting to the core of what the play is - the hard core, the center, the reason you're writing it.  And he's great at pinpointing the obstacles you may be throwing up in your own path of getting that."


                                                                     -David Johnston, Off-Broadway Playwright:
                                                           Coney.  Candy and Dorothy.  Busted Jesus Comix

"I have been a member of Charles Maryan's Playwrights/Directors Workshop since 1983.  As moderator, Chuck provides a keen director's eye on work writers bring in, from early stages through rewrites to final product.  His observations on story structure, character development and theme are invaluable to playwrights, espcially those new to the craft.  His thoughful reviewand analysis has benefitted every play I have written...and the ones I have yet to write."
                                                                      -Edward Musto, Playwright: 

                   *Nominated for an Edgar Award, Best Play: An Evening of Murder and the Like

"Chuck Maryan has x-ray dramatical eyes.  He can look at a play and immediately understand its inner workings - structure, character development, dialogue, plot and thematic lines - and analyze and articulate what is, and is not working.  And then set you on a path to possible solutions.  I seek out this insight on all my new work - and his notes are always invaluable."

                                                                    -Deborah Grace Winer, Artistic Director                                                                      92Y Lyrics & Lyricists                                                 Playwright: Last Girl Singer (Off-Broadway Women's Project)

"For many years, Charles Maryan has been my valued eyes and ears on all of my playwriting.  Born from years of theatrical experience, his many skills are invaluable to the writer exploring the uncharted territory of the blank page, and he is a wonderful guide in how to get from the page to the stage.  His acute sense of detail and his understanding of human behavior have been priceless in the development of my work, and he is a keen and consistent sounding board.  He brings a strong directorial background to the table in addition to a great sensitivity for the writer's process, which makes him an excellent coach, and I always find the process with him both invigorating and enormously productive. 

                                                                -Judd Lear Silverman, Playwright, Personal Affairs

"Chuck Maryan knows as much as anyone in New York...and more than most...about what makes a play work on stage.  He is a superb teacher, a meticulous script reader, and an immensely talented director.  As a result, Chuck has helped a countless number of playwrights to fulfill the vision they only glimpsed when they began a new work."
                                                                     -Walter Raubicheck:
                                                               Former Chairman, Pace University English Dept.

"Chuck's help has been invaluable to my play-writing work.  Chuck is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and generous.  He has an amazing ability of looking at both the main structure and the important details of a play and his advice always adds a new dimension and perspective to the writing process.  Most importantly, Chuck is an incredible teacher: selfless, dedicated and completely devoted to helping the writer.  In short, Chuck makes my work better."
                                                                     -Francesco Guerrera, Editor:
                                                                      Money & Investing, Wall Street Journal

"Chuck Maryan is an insightful guide and a steady hand in new and uncharted as well as known dramatic territory.  He is a consummate man of the theatre."
                                                                    -Diane Wondisford:
                                                                      Producing Director, Music-Theatre Group